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What others say about Ross Hammock Ranch

Vic Dunaway, Founding Editor, Florida Sportsman Magazine says…  

“After my visit to Ross Hammock Ranch, it was obvious that their location affords them easy access to some of the best hunting and fishing that I have seen in Florida.”    

Tim Machnik, Vice President, Swarovski Optik says…  

“It was really a blast to hunt exotic game in the afternoon at Ross Hammock Ranch, and then go salt water fishing for Red Fish the next morning. This was a class apart!”     

Glen Minardi, President, DK Flatwoods Camouflage says...  

“It’s always a challenge to bow hunt for the crafty Whitetail Deer, but I was very pleased at Ross Hammock Ranch to see the bow hunters’ mentality at work. It was obvious that the staff there are also bow hunters.”     

Mike Phelps, Representative, National Wild Turkey Federation says…   

“My buddies and I had a great time at Ross Hammock Ranch. We hunted for Osceola Turkeys, went Wild Boar hunting, and really enjoyed the fellowship and food back at the log cabin lodge.”     

Sam Klement, Pro Staff, Hunters Specialties (HS Strut) says…  

“I’ve been to Ross Hammock Ranch twice now, and I’ve already scheduled my calendar for next year as well. I hunt all over North America, also shooting video for The Outdoor Channel, and I’ve not seen any other outfitter with more things to put a smile on the face of an outdoors enthusiast!”    

Dr. Mark Shoquette, Medical Doctor, Dothan Alabama Hospital says…  

“It’s hard for me to find time to get away from my duties at the hospital. I took my first wild boar and my first two Osceola Turkeys at Ross Hammock Ranch in my first 48 hours there! Need I say more?”  

Ted Jaycox and Ray Boone, Inside the World of Hunting – Outdoor Life Network says… 

“Whether you’re Stalking a 2000 pound Water Buffalo with a stick and string or handgunning for a cantankerous Wild Boar, there’s never a dull moment at Ross Hammock Ranch.”

Charlie Ingram, Outdoor University – ESPN says… 

“I used my muzzleloader to take a Pure Russian Wild Boar at Ross Hammock Ranch. It was my first Boar and a real beauty!!!”  

Jay Everett, President, Southern Trophy Hunters 

“My organization (Southern Trophy Hunters) with expo’s in Florida and Alabama, helps hunters achieve their trophy hunting goals. After 2 trips to Ross Hammock Ranch, I am sure that they can also help make the trophy hunter’s dreams come true!”

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