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Exotic Game Hunts in Florida

Looking for exotic hunts in Florida? In the late 1990’s Ross Hammock Ranch (RHR) began the selection process of identifying and securing the best species and genetics available for the introduction of exotic game onto the vast ranch land of Ross Hammock Ranch. The large size of the ranch along with the forest habitat affords a highly diversified environment where exotic game not only survives, but thrives!

Red Deer Hunting in Florida: 

These deer, native to Europe, now roam Ross Hammock Ranch. Stags are much larger than whitetail Bucks, growing as large as 500+ pounds and sporting antlers similar to the North American Elk. The genetics of the Red Deer at RHR are linked to top world class bloodlines.

Axis Deer Hunting in Florida: 

These deer, native to India, are said by many to be the most beautiful deer in the world, and their meat, the most tasty. They grow large racks (30″ plus) and maintain their white spots throughout their life. RHR researched  Axis herds across North America to now offer some of the finest animals available anywhere.

Fallow Deer Hunting in Florida:

These beautiful deer, that occur in three different color phases and grow upwards of 200 pounds, are native to the Mediterranean region of southern Europe. They are easily distinguished by their large unique “palmated” antlers.

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Blackbuck Hunting in Florida: 

The blackbuck antelope gets its name because of the black coat assumed by mature dominant males. Males grow ringed, corkscrew horns over 20 inches in length that result in a beautiful mount. These impressive animals are also well known for the quality of their meat. 

Sika Deer Hunting in Florida:

Sika is the Japanese word for “deer”. Sika deer are found native to various countries including Japan, China, and Manchuria. The trophy Sika Bucks found at RHR have stout, upright antlers, usually of a 3X3, 4×4 or better configuration, and may exceed 200 pounds in weight, giving the appearance of a small Elk. Sika can be aggressive in nature and are good eating as the meat is more juicy than that of other exotic deer species.

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Pere David Deer Hunting in Florida:

The Pere David Deer, originally native to the subtropical regions of China, loves the tropical marshlands and hammocks of Ross Hammock Ranch! The red-coated adult bulls can exceed 400 pounds.

Water Buffalo Hunting in Florida: 

Water buffalo originate in Asia but adapt readily to the hot and wet Florida climate. Water buffalo often look very similar to the African cape buffalo. They may exceed 1 ton in mass weight and are terrific table fare. Several SCI North American records have been taken at RHR!

Pure Russian Wild Boar Hunting in Florida:  

Unlike the very common Spanish variety boars originally brought in by Hernando de Soto in the early 1500’s, RHR now also offers wild boar hunts for the true 100% pure Russian genetic boars!

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Ram Hunting in Florida: 

RHR offers several species of rams including Texas Dall, Sand Dall, Black Hawaiian, Mouflon, etc. Hunting rams can be very exciting, yet low cost choice for those looking for hunting trips in Florida.

4 Horn Ram Hunting in Florida: 

Also known as the Jacobs ram, they may be hunted year-round at Ross Hammock Ranch, the best Florida exotic hunting ranch!

Exotic Mountain Goat Hunting in Florida: 

Various species of exotic mountain goat may also be hunted year-round at Ross Hammock Ranch. Hunting Mountain Goats can also be a very exciting, yet low cost choice for those looking for hunting trips in Florida.

African Species Hunting in Florida: 

If you would like to hunt African game, but do not want to endure the long airplane ride, you can do so at RHR in Florida. Call us to discuss exotic hunting trips in Florida at the best Florida hunting preserve

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