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General Hunting Information

Ross Hammock Ranch offers guided fair-chase hunting on its’ large private Florida hunting ranch. The premiere hunting lodge in Florida has over 10 miles of border and 25+ miles of internal logging roads! It is approximately 50% uplands consisting of food plots, cut-overs, road systems, and planted pine forest and the remaining 50% is in hardwood hammock consisting of large stands of cypress, oak, bay, and magnolia trees. It combines forest land and natural vegetation, with supplemental food plots and game feeders, to maintain and grow healthy trophy wildlife. This environment produces a top ranked hunting spot in Florida for a challenging hunt, tremendous table fare, and a harvested trophy you can truly be proud of.

You may use any weapon, legal for hunting in Florida, including rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader, pistol, crossbow, long bow, etc. to harvest your game. However, it is well known in the industry that our specialty is archery hunting. Many industry pro staffers from well-known archery-related companies like Bear, Muzzy, Mathews, Rage, BowTech, Realtree, Scentlok, Barnett, etc. all select Ross Hammock Ranch as their go-to hunting ranch in Florida! For archers, we have a 3D range set up, and for those that prefer rifle or pistol, we have a rifle range that Remington Rifle and Swarovski helped us build several years ago.

Many hunting methods are available, and you may use multiple methods in the same day.

1. Spot and Stalk –  RHR has approximately 25 miles of internal logging roads to drive and glass for game. Once located, we test for wind direction, and then ground stalk into the wind, to get you into position for a clean shot.

2. Ground Blinds –  These can be useful for a quick set up when an animal is patterned, or during  spring turkey, or for those hunters who simply prefer not to climb.

3. Tree Stands/Box Blinds –  We have dozens of tree stands, of several different varieties and styles already in place and optimized (based on weapon, wind direction, species, etc.) to improve your hunt.

4. Bay Dogs – This option is available on our trophy wild Boar hunts. We bring in a specialized guide and team of dogs that are trained in locating, chasing, and then “baying up” a “tusky” wild boar and then getting you into position for a clean shot.

We offer hunts for both native Florida game as well as various exotic game. The other pages of this website will provide you additional info on those topics. We have both high fence and no fence properties that we hunt, however because of the size and habitat terrain, both are equally challenging!

We think you will love your hunt at RHR

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Hunting Environment at Ross Hammock Ranch

Before, during, and after your hunt, Ross Hammock Ranch has put the infrastructure in place to maximize your outdoor experience. Note that we welcome young hunters, first time hunters, as well as the experienced pro’s. We love showing new-comers / rookies to the sport the way of the woods and to get them started on the right foot.

Before the Hunt:

First, a clean and comfortable lodge gets you better prepared for a day afield. Then, partake of either the 3D range for archers to get zeroed in, or the pistol / rifle range for the firearm hunters. Before the hunt, your guide will give you valuable advice about the lay of the land and the species you desire to hunt. Ross Hammock Ranch guides average over 17 years of experience.

During the Hunt:

Your RHR guide will continue to be a valuable asset while afield. The ranch is approximately 50% hardwood hammocks, with an abundance of MAST bearing trees and then 50% uplands. The uplands consist of a combination of  an extensive road system, plantation pine forest, cut-over rotation, fields, feeder stations, and food plots. RHR has a multitude of both ground blinds and elevated stands. Almost all hunt locations are optimized for a hunter and then a second station, for either a guide, cameraman, or non hunting partner. This is ideal for parent child hunts. Your guide will help you track and locate the game you shoot. You can participate in this process, and the guide will gladly share with you the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to tracking. While afield you will also have use of our fleet of various 4 wheel drive vehicles for transportation and also game recovery tractors and front end loader for large game such as Eland or Buffalo.

After the Hunt:

Once you harvest your fish or game, your RHR guide will first help you get that “just right” photo to preserve the memory. You will then appreciate our state-of-the art game processing facility that  includes a screened-in cleaning room and two walk in game coolers, used for proper slow ageing of the meat. You may take your game meat home with you, or leave it for our staff to process, package, label, freeze, and ship to you. You may at your choice help the  guide as the game is cleaned. You can participate in this process, and the guide will gladly share with you the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to game cleaning and preparation. You may take your  trophy back home with you upon departure, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of the convenience of the full taxidermy services available at Ross Hammock Ranch. You will see many examples of our taxidermy work while at the RHR lodge.


We take great pride in providing top notch staff and facilities to best serve you before, during, and after your hunt and/or fishing trip at RHR, with a standard of excellence not found elsewhere.

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