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What is the “Formula” for a “DREAM HUNT”?

Some Outfitters make the mistake of assuming that a “Dream Hunt” revolves solely around the hunter having the opportunity to take the animal being hunted.

At Ross Hammock Ranch our staff has been Buying hunts a lot longer than we have been Selling hunts, and in doing so, we have clearly learned that the success formula for a “Dream Hunt” goes considerably beyond the shot, considerably beyond the “take”. We have developed a formula that minimizes stress and maximizes success!

We recognize that TIME and MONEY are both precious, and we have put together the following elements to insure you have the highest opportunity to experience a Dream Hunt of a Lifetime!

Food & Lodging Most great hunts start with the proper NUTRITION and REST. The RHR staff will work hard to be sure you receive great food and drink, and lodging that is clean and comfortable! Also, to provide an environment to allow for fellowship, building life-long memories, before and after the hunt.

Practice Makes Perfect – For the Archer – a realistic 3D practice area providing the choice of ground level or elevated (up to 20 feet) practice shots at 3D Deer and Hog targets, at unmarked distances, in the same typical cover you will experience on the hunt. For those opting to hunt with rifle, pistol, shotgun, or muzzleloader, a rifle range accommodating up to 200 yard practice shots is available. 

Knowledgeable Guides – Our clients love hunting with an RHR guide. They are fun, safety oriented, woods wise, and they do the scouting and hunt plan for you, BEFORE your arrival. You will learn a lot from these guides, especially if you help them track an animal. The guides are also very good at helping you get that special “KODAK” moment after the shot.

Screened in Cleaning Room – We pride our self in getting the field-to-plate process as efficient as possible, to insure the incredible quality of the protein you have harvested! We have a screened-in cleaning room with electric hoists, clean water, and central drain.

Walk-In Coolers Next, we work hard to quickly get your prized harvest into the process of cooling. We have two walk-in coolers set to approximately 35 degrees Fahrenheit, just above freezing, so the meat cools but does not crystallize. You can take your cooled meat with you or leave for extra natural aging. Ice machines with free ice are available for your use.

Butcher Services This optional service is available to you if you would like us to de-bone your animal, make hamburger or sausage from the non-choice cuts, de-bone and steak out the balance, then vacuum wrap, label, etc. and freeze for you. You can then return to pick up the processed packaged meat, or special shipping coolers are available to ship the frozen processed meat via UPS to you.

Taxidermy Services – This optional service is available to you if you would like us to perform taxidermy services for you. Our taxidermy team have been producing phenomenal native and exotic game mounts for over 20 years!

The only part of this formula that is missing is YOU! Come see us soon for the Hunt of a LIFETIME!

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