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Hunt Trophy Whitetail

To produce trophy whitetail bucks on your property, there are only three variables for you to work with – the genetics, the nutrition, and the age of the deer taken. Ross Hammock Ranch knows very well that the best results will be achieved, if and when the land owner optimizes all three variables.

In the late 1990’s, Ross Hammock Ranch was a pioneer in Florida in terms of acclimating Trophy Northern and Western US whitetail genetics to the harsh Florida climate / habitat. The ranch is now well known for providing hunters in Florida a chance each year of taking a whitetail buck of a lifetime. The program and the genetics produced, seem to be getting better and better, each year!

Ross Hammock Ranch, over the last two decades has worked with a well known animal feed company, to develop its’ own proprietary whitetail nutrition program, optimized for the Florida climate and habitat, which is utilized on a year-round basis at the ranch.

One of it’s clients favorite things about the trophy whitetail hunts at Ross Hammock Ranch, is that the hunts are fully guided, and the hunter knows the price of a given buck, before they elect to take the buck or not. No surprises after the shot.!

Ross Hammock Ranch, buys a special blanket license from the State of Florida, that allows it to open whitetail season, with any weapon of choice, on September the first each year, and remain open through the end of February. The guest hunter at Ross Hammock Ranch, (including out-of-state hunters), are covered under this license and need not purchase an individual hunting license, as they are covered under the ranch license.

If you want an exciting whitetail buck hunt, with a chance of taking a real “knee-knocker”, then give Ross Hammock Ranch a call today!

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