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Ross Hammock Ranch Price List

Daily fees – must choose one – (unless you purchase a package) $US

Silver Option:

(Day Hunts with No Lodging) Prices per day / PP

Hunter = $200 PP and Non Hunter = $100 PP

We provide lunch, snacks, soft drinks, Licenses, guide, cook, ranch vehicles, fuel, tree stands, and field care of most game.

See Packages for Silver Option Osceola turkey hunts.

Gold Option:

(Overnight Hunts with Lodging) Prices per night / PP

Includes all of the above Silver Option benefits PLUS an extra 1/2 day of hunting, extra meals, housekeeping, and overnight stay in a cypress log lodge.

Hunter = $300 PP and Non Hunter = $200 PP

We provide meals, snacks, soft drinks, licenses, lodging, guide, cook, maid, ranch vehicles, fuel, tree stands, and field care of most game.

See Packages for Gold option Osceola turkey hunts.

Hunt / Harvest Fees

Hunt Fees by Species…………….  $US 

(plus above daily fee option chosen by you)

  • Trophy Whitetail Buck
    (no kill, then no harvest fee)
    $3,600 and up


  • Rams / Mtn. Goats
    $1,495 to $2,495


  • Elk Bull
    $6,900 and Up


  • Fallow Buck


  • Whitetail Does


  • Wild Hog
    See Specials


  • Trophy Wild Boar


  • Mega – Boars
    $995 to $1,495


  • “Mega-Meat” Hogs
    $350 to $395


  • Pure Russian Hogs
    $895 to $1,195


  • African Species
    Call for current prices


  • Axis Buck


  • Alligator
    $1,195 and up


  • Black Buck Antelope


  • Red deer stag
    $4,200 to $5,900


  • Bison/Water Buffalo/ Watusi
    $2,900 to $5,900


  • Osceola Turkey
    See prices on Packages page


  • Sika Buck


  • Simitar Oryx
    $4,900 to $5,900


  • Pere David Elk Bulls
    $4,500 to $5,900


  • African Zebu
    $1,495 to $1,995


(species include, depending on season, large mouth bass, tarpon, cobia, red fish, trout, shark, grouper, snook and others.)  $US

Inshore per Boat 1/2 day fishing
(fresh or salt water)
Call for Quote (Avg. = $250/pp)

Full day fishing (fresh or salt water)
Call for Quote (Avg. = $300/pp)

Offshore per boat full day fishing
Call for Quote

Photo Safari / Eco-Tours

Will customize the tour to the specific wildlife you want to photograph. $US

Option 1 – Daily Tour 
Must also purchase either silver or gold Option daily fee
Call for Quote. (Avg. =  $50/pp)

Option 2 – Hourly Tour 
No daily fee required. Minimum 2 hours / 2 people
Call for Quote. (Avg. = $25/PP/Per hour)

Terms & Conditions  

1. Non refundable deposit upon booking.  

2. Balance at time of your hunt or fish trip.  

3. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.  

4. You only pay harvest fee (except on non guaranteed hunts) when you shoot and hit the animal.  

5. For animals that have a range of prices, price is based on age, size, mass, etc. See frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more detail.

6. Client is responsible to pay for daily fees reserved but not used, as a result of client’s cancellations or reductions, if the cancellation or reduction occurs within 5 days of the reservation booked by client.

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