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Wild Boar Hunting in Florida

Ross Hammock Ranch has been offering Florida Wild Boar hunting for 20 years! Florida hog hunting is very popular at Ross Hammock Ranch. Why? Well actually there are several reasons why…

Why Hunt in Florida for your Trophy Hog?

First, the habitat at the ranch is ideal for supporting a large population of these critters. The wild hogs love the old Florida Hammock land, that produces a bumper crop of acorns almost every year. Second, the cost of the hunt is lower than the more expensive antlered game species. Third, in most cases, (except for the cantankerous old boar hogs), the table-fare can be about as good as it gets.

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Many hunters believe that when they are hunting wild boar in Florida they are hunting Florida native game. Technically, wild boar are not native to Florida. Ross Hammock Ranch is able to conduct wild boar hunts in Florida because the Florida wild boar were originally brought into Florida by the Spanish explorers back in the 1500’s. Since that time, they have flourished in the rich forest habitat of Ross Hammock Ranch.

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Ross Hammock Ranch offers both meat and trophy hog options for the Florida wild hog hunts. trophy boar are usually the larger male animals that have grown large bottom tusks, called “cutters”. The upper tusks are called “whetters” and are usually used by the Florida wild boar as a sharpening device! A skull or wall taxidermy mount will provide a great memory of your successful Florida wild boar hunt!

Methods for Florida Wild Boar Hunting

You can hunt the hogs with your weapon of choice albeit bow, shotgun, rifle, crossbow, or pistol. We offer three different hunt methods as well. We have dozen of tree stands, box  blinds, and ground blinds set up over feeders, food plots, cut-overs and  travel routes, or, you can hunt the hogs “safari-style”, as you drive and glass the 20+ miles of logging roads on the ranch. When hogs are spotted, we will position you down wind for a very exciting spot and stalk method of hunting.  Lastly, for those that prefer, we offer the option of hunting Florida wild boar with bay dogs as well. Many clients use two or even all three methods in one day, and it is not unusual to  have the opportunity to score on multiple hogs in one day.

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Interested in Russian Boar Hunting?

In addition to hunting the original Spanish generic wild boar, russian wild boar hunting is also available. The Russian wild boar is a different genetic line of wild boar. Many hunters that have taken several Spanish variety wild boar come to Ross Hammock Ranch for Russian wild boar hunting. The wild hog hunts offered at Ross Hammock Ranch are not the lowest cost in the state, but they are the best that we know of in the state. So, if you want Florida wild hog hunting at its finest, please give us a call today for the best hunting in Florida.

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